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Great Places To Find Free Traffic

Use these resources to promote your URL and build your downline. Remember that you only need about 10 good downline members to see your traffic EXPLODE.

This Traffic Exchange is one of my favorites for getting free traffic. It has quite a few users and I get most of the sign ups for the TrafficQuest program from this source. One of the great things about this program is that you do not have to wait for admin approval on your links. They get added instantly after you use their verification tool.
It ads a little excitement from the mundane clicking and has a little bumper cars game that comes up after every 15 pages you surf that allows you to win credits based on which car your bumper car hits first. It also gives you random bonus tokens on the surf pages. Once a week, the top surfers are awarded bonus tokens. I have won over 300 bonus tokens just for being in the top 60. Give them a try!


1:1 Traffic Exchange
This is another top rated traffic exchange site. It has over 75,000 members and sends quite a bit of traffic to my site. There are 2 different options you can surf with to bring views to your site. One is a 2:1 ratio on a 15 sec. timer and the other is a 1:1 ratio on a 20 sec. timer.
This site also has some great contests for the top surfers. You can earn free credits, premium memberships, banner impressions and CASH just for being one of the top 40 surfers. Great way to get that free traffic to your website!


Here it is...another great free traffic site. This site has been around since 2001 and has over 36,000 members. The more you surf in one day, the more credits you earn. It starts you off earning .3 credits per page view and keeps increasing through the day as you surf more. It also has a great statistics page that shows you how many credits you have earned, the number of clicks to your ads and number of page views.


This site can send loads of free traffic to your site. When surfing, you can find random bonus tokens and you can also earn splash points that are redeemable at many online venues. There is a portal page that you sign up on that shows all companies that accept these splash points. Why not get a little something back when surfing? Try it out today!


Another great Traffic Exchange for quality FREE traffic. The site has random contests where you can win cash, credits and free premium upgrades. Give them a try today and start getting that free traffic!


Join HitSafari

Don't have the cash to go on a Safari? Neither do I! Surf this site to go on a virtual safari and earn credits at the same time.
While surfing, you can win random credits. I was surfing on this site the other day and won over 100 free credits. Not a bad deal! Give them a try and start receiving your FREE traffic today!


This is a pretty cool traffic exchange program. The more people surfing, the more bonus credits you can earn. They also have a contest that runs once a day where every member that surfs 100 pages or more can win 1000 credits. Getting 1000 free visitors just for viewing 100 sites is not a bad deal! Give them a try today!




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